capsi creative studio
e-motions branding 2022

e-motions is an active-wear store.


the illustration showcases the way people wearing this brand feel, active and free-flowing.

buildhood branding 2022

buildhood is a luxury real estate company.


the logo encapsulates how doors are drawn in architecture projects, the same way buildhood opens many doors to its customers.

placer branding 2022

placer is an integrated urban design and development firm.


this project was a stand for a conference.

albergaria empreende + editorial 2021

albergaria-a-velha is a city located in portugal.



the agenda cultural sever do vouga showcases all the cultural events happening in town between february and april of 2023.

construlautus branding 2021

construlautus is a construction company.


the name comes from the portuguese word for building and the latin word lautus.

imperium branding 2021

imperium is a real estate agency.


the main inspiration for the logo was one of the elements present in their office.

d2 branding 2020

d2 is an architecture studio.

leandro machado editorial 2020

leandro machado is a local artist from sever do vouga.


this flyer was made as an appendix to an exibition.

martivouga branding 2020

martivouga is a architecture office.

frame branding 2019

frame is a hairdresser.


the motif of the logo is based on aspects of the space used by the hairdresser.

laranja supermercado branding 2019

laranja supermercado is a local supermarket in sever do vouga.


with a friendly and inviting design, everyone is happy to visit the store.

pptb branding 2019

ppbt is an audit collective.

retrato numérico branding 2019

retrato numérico is an accounting office.

sunset branding 2019

sunset is a club.


a simple but impactful design.

carolina freitas arquitetura branding 2018

carolina freitas arquitetura is an architecture atlier.

chi trust branding 2018

under construction


under construction

barbart branding 2017

barbart is a barbarshop and a bar.

oum branding 2017

oum is a premium furniture store.


the design is simple and direct, as it was asked by the client.

quinta do sobral branding 2016

quinta do sobral is a restaurant.